VPN and Secure Email

We offer a full line of client-based security products for use within hostile localities. If you are looking for support on the previous generation of appliance-based security devices, please go here. The current version of security packages include:

  • VPN Clients. We support Windows, Linux, and Mac, and all with both native clients and 3rd party.
  • VPN Mobile Clients. We completely support Android 4.x clients, and support certain configurations of iPhone and Windows Mobile.
  • Geographically Diverse. We offer our services on geographically-diverse servers that are available at multiple sites in the US and Europe.
  • Secure email. Our email servers are configured to request the highest possible encryption from outside hosts, and will not transmit email to your mail reader without requiring strong encryption.
  • Secure Meeting & Collaboration. We offer fully-encrypted meeting and collaboration services for desktop and application sharing, as well as multi-way video conferencing between users.
  • Secure File Storage. Store your important files in our datacenters, encrypted with RSA/AES algorithms.
  • Hosted Private Intranet. We build and support private, secured intranets dedicated for your organization.
  • Exchange-Replacement. We support an Exchange-replacement service with our partners